I. The Contract.
The contract is between our Company (Machu Inka Tours EIRL) and the client, being any person travelling or intending to travel on a tour operated by the Company. The Contract, including all matters arising from it, is subject to Peru law and the exclusive jurisdiction of Peruvian Courts.

II. Booking, Payment of your Machu Picchu E-Ticket.
To secure a booking, the Company (Machu Inka Tours) requires a completed booking form and a deposit of 100% of the total price per person at time of booking.

III. If you need assistance.
After you make a booking of your Machu Picchu E-ticket, we will gladly assist you with any changes or needs that you may have.

IV. Release of Liability, Cancellations and Devolution.
The Company only acts as agents for the owner of Machu Picchu E-Ticket (Peruvian Government – Regional Direction of Culture). Arrangements so made by the Company will be subject to any special terms imposed by the supplier of these services. (Please see below Peruvian Government  Terms and Conditions)

V. Privacy
Client records are regarded as confidential, and therefore will not be divulged to any third party, other than our suppliers and if legally required to do so to the appropriate authorities. Clients are requested to retain copies of any literature issued in relation to the provision of our services. Where appropriate, we shall provide Clients with appropriate written information, handouts or copies of records as part of an agreed contract, for the benefit of both parties. We will not sell, share, or rent your personal information to any third party or use your email address for unsolicited mail. Any emails sent by Machu Picchu E-Ticket will only be in connection with the provision of agreed services.

VI. Huayna/ Wayna  Picchu Tickets
Huayna/ Wayna Picchu Electronic Tickets are subject to availability, the customer are able to verify real time availability on our website.
Every client must check the availability and/or rate of electronic tickets to Huayna Picchu before proceeding with the BOOKING and / or PAYMENT.
If they violate this policy, our system automatically will proceed to CONFIRM electronic Tickets of MACHU PICCHU WITH MOUNTAIN, without any liability or further obligation of Machu Picchu E Ticket.
When we got a cancellation from our customers we published those tickets by special fares with the same policy as Machu Picchu Promotional Ticket.

VII. Machu Picchu Promotional  Student Tickets and Andean community Tickets
Promotional Student Tickets and Andean Community Tickets, are non- refundable and non- transferable.
Student Tickets and Andean Community Tickets, allows to the client (owner of the ticket) only change  the date of the trip. (Subject to availability).
Student Fare – PRE GRADE- is available With the original student ID gives from the university in PVC material and it must have the next requirements: university information, personal student information, student picture, and expiration date valid only for one year, it year must coincide with the year that student visit Machu Picchu, the discount until 25 years old.

VIII. Waiting List bookings.
Log into our waiting list booking requieres the 50% of initial payment, and inform the second option (type of ticket that you like)
Waiting list is subject to availabily/ Cancellations from our Customers.
If somebody wants to cancel a waiting list tickets we will  applying the 15% of penalty

visit Machu Picchu accompanied by tour guide, You can take Additional services of a private guide or join a group.
The services of  OFFICIAL TOUR guide can be taken with us or independently, contact us (info@machuticket.com) for further information.



  • This document has character of contract.
  • The customer purchasing this e-ticket accepts the terms and conditions presented.
  • No other external agent to Machu Picchu e-ticket or Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture), have the aptitude to modify, to restrict or to extend the terms of this contract.
  • The ticket is personal, nominal and non-transferable.
  • The present contract is set in correspondence to the Peruvian standards in force, relating to the entrance to Archeological site of Machu Picchu.
  • The option to purchase the Ticket to Machu Picchu online is available for all people, except the ticket to the Inca Trail, which has its own terms and policies.
  • All customers who visit the archeological site of Machu Picchu are forced to show the entrance ticket and their original identity document. In case of children who dont have an identity document must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture) reserves the right to review the Tickets before and during the tour.
  • In case the customer does not show the identity document sufficiently attesting the ownership of the ticket with the one trying to access the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu or the name does not match, access to Machu Picchu will not be granted, and reimbursement will not be issued.
  • In case the customer has not used the ticket on the date indicated, no refund will be issued. Tickets are valid for only one day of admission.
  • The client is responsible for correctly entering their required personal information for the admission ticket.
  • The Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture) reserves the right to restrict the access to people whose health is sensitive or inadequate, for example women in advanced stages of pregnancy.
  • The Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture) wont be responsible for health or physical conditions of clients or for any accident or problem that could arise as a consequence of their visit.
  • The ticket gives the right of admission to the Archeological site of Machu Picchu on the date indicated, however the Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture) will provide all necessary facilities for making changes of the entrance date for either one day before or after, without modifying the information of the client.
  • The following persons or objects will be denied from entering and/or will be removed from the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu:
    – Clients found under the influences of toxic substances, alcohol, drugs or other substances.
    – Firearms or compressed air, ammunitions, explosives, flammable substances or other objects that could alter the order inside the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.
    – Bows and arrows, hunting and fishing implements, axes, and knives with a blade of steel mounted exceed 7cm. long, picks, shovels or other tools.
    – Any type of trap for capturing fauna specimens.
    – Fuels such as kerosene, diesel, oil, and gasoline.
    – Sound systems and other equipment generating noise.
    – Pets and exotic species.
    – Visitors displaying bad moral behavior.
  • Make campfires and open fire.
  • Food consumption.
  • Make scripts and/or graphics on the walls. Climb the walls.
  • Make loud noises (shout, whistle and other).
  • It is prohibited to use a space of the archaeological site as a hygienic service.
  • Bring drinks in disposable bottles.
  • Alter the conditions of the flora and fauna of the archeological sites.
  • Canes or walking sticks, except for seniors and disabled.
  • Smoke in the archeological site and surrounding areas, because it can cause fire.
  • In case of loss or theft of the physical ticket, Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture) and/or Machu Picchu E-Ticket, via their website and online care, will facilitate the issuance of a new ticket, the first time at zero cost.
  • If the only means of transportation that can reach the archaeological site, experiences delays due to weather conditions, verified by Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture), the possibility of changing the admission ticket date will be offered, depending on the availability of spaces. No refunds.
  • In case of natural disasters in the regional jurisdiction, impeding the arrival to the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture) and/or Machu Picchu E-Ticket, will allow the modification of the date.
  • Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture) is not responsible for the deterioration, partial or total loss of hand luggage of visitors to the archeological site.
  • Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture) is not responsible for the unfavorable climate scenarios inside and outside the archeological site.
  • Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture) is not responsible for customer traffic inside the archeological site. If after an emergency the customer does not follow orders given by staff, the customer will be responsible for their safety and integrity.
  • If the customer walks or visits places not marked, Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture) is not responsible for their safety and integrity.
  • Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture) reserves the right to modify or cancel the services at any unpredictable event mentioned above.
  • In case the Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture) cancels the admission to the archeological sites, the owner of the ticket and/or Machu Picchu E-ticket (travel agent) has the right to demand a reimbursement of the paid rate, the devolution will proceed, by showing the original ticket according to the provisions given for the particular scenario, as a condition for the process of the transaction.
  • In case the user does not get to visit the archeological site for reasons of health or any regional jurisdictions strikes, the Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture) allows the change of the name and date with penalties varying from 15% to 40% depending on the date of visit.
  • In case the customer requests changes of the name and date for reasons not covered in the present document, then we will proceed with ONE change after receiving an application penalty according to the following terms:
    – Penalty of 60%, if the request is presented 72 hours before.  (office hours /business days monday to friday)
    – Penalty of 40%, if the request is presented 4 -7 days before. (office hours /business days monday to friday)
    – Penalty of 15%, if the request is presented 8 or more days before. (office hours /business days monday to friday)
    Plus administrative fees.
  • A ticket holder that does not visit the archeological site, does not communicate timely, or does not perform any of the corresponding process will lose all the rights of the admission ticket, and will not be eligible for reimbursement by the Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture).

The permanence governs from the moment the user registers his entrance to the Archaeological Park of Machu Picchu, in the corresponding control and surveillance post within the hours of attention that will be exhibited in each ticket.

  • Machu Picchu E-ticket and the Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture) allows you to reserve the ticket at machupicchueticket.com in a quick, easy and safe manner, with the highest standards of international safety certifications, and a bandwidth that enables support of high user traffic.
  • All information entered into Machu Picchu E-tickets booking system is strictly confidential.
  • After receiving payment, the Peruvian Government (Regional Direction of Culture) will emit your Machu Picchu E-TICKET, and we will send it to your email address.

I certifie having understood that tickets sold through this website have a higher cost than those sold by the Peruvian Government.